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Help & Info about Internet Explorer 7 for windows

  • What is Internet Explorer 7?

    This is a web browser that was developed exclusively for Windows. It is known by the codename Rincon and was launched by Microsoft back in October of 2006 and was the first major update that was made to Internet Explorer in more than five years., while it is the default browser in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.
  • Is Internet Explorer 7 Compatible with Windows 7?

    Technically, the web browser is not compatible with Windows 7, although there are a number of different ways of working around this. People who have programmes such as XP Professional or Ultimate can work around the issue, while IETester can be used to run IE7 without having to run the programme directly.
  • What are Quick Tabs?

    This is a special feature that allows users to open and manage multiple web pages at the same time. Thumbnail images of all of the tabs that are open are displayed in a single view to make it easy for users to decide if certain tabs still need to be open.
  • Does Internet Explorer 7 Have Spell Check?

    A built in spell check feature is included in Window as well as Windows 8.1 and anyone who is running these versions of Windows will be able to turn spellchecking and autocorrect features on and off as they wish, although there is no specific plug-in to enable the spell check feature for IE7.
  • How do I subscribe to an RSS feed in Internet Explorer 7?

    IE7 notifies users of sites that offer RSS feeds by highlighting the RSS feed button on the toolbar in either red or orange. Simply click on the highlighted RSS button to view a list of offered articles and subscribe to those of interest by clicking on subscribe to this feed.
  • Can Internet Explorer 7 be Upgraded?

    People who are using Windows 8 have the option of upgrading IE 7 to IE10. Simply download and install Internet Explorer update from the Microsoft website and select the language of your choice as well as the version that you wish to use, taking care to make sure that it is compatible with your version of Windows.
  • Does Internet Explorer 7 Support TLS?

    It is possible to make certain configuration adjustments in order to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 to run with IE7. Instructions on how to do this can easily be found online and there are certain keys that can be used to make the process extremely smooth and simple.
  • Is Internet Explorer 7 Compatible with Windows XP?

    IE7 can be used to replace Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. It should be noted that in order to run Internet Explorer 7 an addition 1GB of RAM is needed as well as an additional 15GB of available hard disk space, while a processor that is capable of hardware virtualisation complete with or AMD-V or Intel VT must be turned on.
  • What's New with Internet Explorer 7?

    IE7 comes packed with features that make it a fast improvement compared to Internet Explorer 6. Among these useful features are tabbed browsing, the streamlined interface, an instant search box that makes surfing the web faster and advanced printing options that can be used to fit an entire webpage onto an A4 page.
  • Why Can't I see the Menu in Internet Explorer 7?

    The menu is hidden by default in order to maximise website viewing. Most of the menu options can be found on the toolbar, while people who wish to view the menu simply need to press the Alt key and it will appear.


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